MoonPos. Accept payments in crypto.

Use your coins

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Dash, PIVX, Nano, Dai and more to come

QR codes

Generate QR codes for payments that users can scan with their wallets

Payment Verification

Be sure that your customers have sent the transaction. Currently supported for BTC, LTC, DASH and ETH

Payment history

See all the transactions that you have received along with number of confirmations and more info

Fresh prices

Frequent cryptocurrency price refresh from

Tablet ready

Adjusted for both smartphones and tablets

MoonPos provides you a simple interface that allows you to accept payments in crypto in a simple way. The app was created with the goal of making it easier to accept payments with cryptocurrencies. Every feature of MoonPos relies on our Android SDK. Using it as a module can unlock all MoonPos features to your app! Do not hesitate to contact us at If you are interested in updates, follow us: